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Dropsy - what now?

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Dropsy - what now?

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I had to euthanize one of my red wag platy fish yesterday. I had thought she was being shy since she was pregnant but after I got a good look at her she was in full pinecone mode from dropsy. After speaking with some people they said the best hing was to euthanize her.

My tank is established (5-6 years), nothing new added for 8-12 months or more. 50-60% water change every week. Parameters of water are fine (liquid test kit). I have had a breakout of brown algae but I always have this issue in spring/early summer and in the fall as the water supply changes and silicates increase.

A stream of my aquarium is below. It's certainly not overstocked or filthy, etc.

Are there any steps I can do to lessen the chances of Dropsy afflicting another fish?


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