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Cobweb-like material on driftwood?

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Cobweb-like material on driftwood?

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have some driftwood that's been in the tank about 2-3 weeks (no livestock, basically just a holding tank right now).

As far as I can see this is only happening on one piece, not the others - I think it's more of a fungus than an algae but I didn't know where else to post it.

Nothing was done to the wood before chucking it in besides giving it a good water-only scrub with a hard brush in a bucket outside. They're in because I'm trying to soak them, right now they all float (hence the ice-cream lid with rocks on it..)

I'm planning to take them out, boil/scrub them and screw them into some slate so they actually stay submerged, but not sure when I can get around to that right now (helpful?). Either way I didn't notice this yesterday, but it's possible it could have started then. Definitely started the last few days.

Any ideas?


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