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How to make Cosmos Bloom?

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How to make Cosmos Bloom?

Message non lu par joeclark » 28 sept. 2017, 10:45

Hi, I'm only 20 and this is my first year gardening. I had planted Cosmos (sensation and bright lights) along with my vegetables in my garden back on May 10th. I used MiracleGro all purpose plant food a couple times over a few months. The plants have grown big with a lot of leaves but I see no evidence of flowers coming in; there are no stems growing with buds on them, and the estimated bloom time was July 15th. I learned adding too much nitrogen to the soil can make plants produce too many leaves but not enough flowers/fruit - And Cosmos are particularly susceptible to this.

Is there anything I can do to the soil to make them bloom - Such as try adding the MiracleGro Bloom Booster fertilizer (for more phosphorus)?

Please help.


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