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What is wrong with my elephant ear plant?

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What is wrong with my elephant ear plant?

Message non lu par joeclark » 28 sept. 2017, 10:48

Hi all! I'm new here and was hoping someone could help with my elephant ear plant which (I think) is a colocasia gigantea.

I'm in Pasadena, CA. Zone 10a. The plant is on the north side of my house. It receives about 3-4 hours of morning sun and then filtered light in the late afternoon. The attached photos were taken at 3:30pm. In an hour or so, it will get light through the hedge behind it.

As you can see in the photo, the stalks stand straight up instead of falling outward. The leaves are a yellowing around the edges. I had it in more shade before it's current location and it never grew very big. It has gotten bigger in this location, but still doesn't appear healthy to me. Everything Ivve read online tells me to give it more sun, but when I try that, it stands up even straighter and the edges get yellower and dry

Please help.


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