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Need Some Help With Anubias

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Need Some Help With Anubias

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Need a little help with my anubias. I've noticed the leaves looking a darker shade of green, but blotchy. They've also had a few spots of what I believe is black algae, but that rubbed off easily. This darker green discoloration does not rub off.. I was pretty firm but did not want to hurt the leaf.

A few weeks ago I noticed one plant with a smaller, yellowish leaf and snipped it off, and one plant (nana) has a little touch of a brown tip almost like it got burnt. I only got that about 2 weeks ago and that developed a week later. I'm keeping an eye on it and it hasn't gotten worse so maybe it just new plant blues??

The other plants I have are various species of java fern that looked a little rough out of the store but have really begun to improve. I only dose with flourish and lights are on 8 hrs a day (just increased from 7, as I wanted a little algae for the nerites). The tank does get hit with some sunlight mid-late day, and I'm attempting to grow wisteria for a bit of cover (with not much luck).

I just did a water change, so lights are off and I'll be a bit busy but I'll try to get pictures in the near future if it helps. Any advice would be a big help.

Please help.


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