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I have a betta who has fallen ill. I started to notice a couple teeny red specks on some of his scales, and thought since he had developed some new black scales, he might just be marbling.

Then one day he suddenly had clamped fins and was at the bottom of the tank. The red began to grow and spread, but it's almost like a red mist has been sprayed onto his scales. I can't see any skin lesions, streaks, or ulcers.

Then, I awoke one morning and he looked rough- literally. Some scales were raised. He still took food until that night. Now several/most of his scales are raised, some are missing. He did have some red marks/swells on the tips of his pectoral fins. No bumps on his body from what I can tell, and no bloating, spinal curvature, or popeye.

I moved him into a quarantine for observation, and will likely euthanize him. However, I'm scared because I do have some roughed up hands that have come in contact with the aquarium and him during transfer, as well as other animals I don't want to fall ill. I don't want anyone to catch this if it's what it is.

Pics attached of the day he first looked rough, and one today quarantined.

He lives in a filtered 5 gal, 70 degrees, weekly water changes. Water perams are fine, though while I was sick I did miss a water change, and we have had a filamentous algae outbreak recently.


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