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Silver molly with ulcer???

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Silver molly with ulcer???

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I have a cold water tank that has been set up for years and recently bought a silver molly. I noticed in the shop that one of the mollies had what looked like a red ulcer by its gill. When i got home i realised that we had been given this molly and the ulcer looked very red.

I removed the carbon filter sponge and started immediately on a 5 day course of Myxazin, assuming it was bacterial (we can't buy antibiotics for fish in the UK).
After a few days i noticed it was going whitish in colour and hoped this was the ulcer healing.
10 days later the white patch had grown into a lump leaving a small red patch in the middle. Due to its texture i assumed it might be fungal, but it doesn't look completely furry like a fungal infection would, and it is contained to the wound area and hasn't spread (...yet).

Im really confused at what this is, it doesn't look like necrotised tissue due to the nature of its growth. I've tried to get a picture but it really doesn't show the extent of it.
The molly's behaviour is otherwise normal and he seems well in himself, despite this growth/infection?

Please help! The water parameters are also normal


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References: http://www.tropicalfishkeeping.com/trop ... er-698057/

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