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Panda Cory! Help!

Votre poisson est malade, ou il vous inquiète, c'est ici la place où poser vos questions.
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Panda Cory! Help!

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let me start off by telling you tank set up and stock.
i have a tall 56 gallon tank with a Aqueon 75 filter and Aqueon Pro 100gal heater.
tank temp 78-80 Degrees
1 weekly water change 75%

Kordon Fish Protector
Seachem Flourish

10 Panda Cories
2 4in Golden Severums
1 Dragon Goby Eel
1 Red Tail Shark
1 Jellybean Parrot Fish?
1 7-8in Sailfin Pleco

This Morning I woke up and turned my fish tank light on and noticed a dead panda cory :( i began looking to make sure i didnt have anymore dead fish and while inspecting the tank i noticed almost all of my panda cories dorsal fins appeared to be melting? or torn? even the dead cory had a chunk missing! i am completely confused as to why this is happening because i look at my fish every day! they were not like this the day before! this had to have happened overnight!! I am positive it is not from the other fish in the tank because 1 i have never had problems with any fish bothering the cories and 2 it looks to me like it could be aggressive fin rot! I quickly removed the panda cory and tested my water parameters with the API master test

Ammonia 0ppm
Nitrite 0ppm
Nitrate 8ppm

i dont see any indicators of why they should have fin rot at all! I also wanted to let you guys know that in the passed 10mins of watching the cories i noticed 3 of the slapping their bodies against the substrate and plants i havnt seen them do this before! My redtail shark does it when i feed him but its occasional.Im just curious to know if that has anything to do with anything? What do you guys this is going on and what can i do to save my cories!!??


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