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Sudden breeding spree!

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Sudden breeding spree!

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Just wanted to share with you all, I'm rather excited!

I've had my coldwater tank set up for about a year now (danios, minnows, goldfishautolinker.com autolinking image, shrimp, dojo loaches) and as far as I'm aware nothing in there had ever bred, until this morning when I was cleaning the tank and I found some pretty big-looking fish eggs! About half the size of an apple seed. A minnow I'd been monitoring because she was gaining a lot of weight pretty fast was suddenly rather slim, so I'm guessing she's the proud (exhausted) mother. Hospital tank was already occupied so I quickly ran to the shop for a cheap little "goldfishautolinker.com autolinking image bowl" (one of those supermarket ones that isn't anywhere near big enough for a goldfish) and rescued as many of the eggs as I could into that.

But then this evening I noticed my pair of loaches were being unusually active together. At first I thought maybe they were fighting, but a closer inspection revealed they were mating too! The tank's all egged up. Gonna clear out a large tupperware for the loachlings I think. Eventually they'll all go to my LFS for store credit, their mummies and daddies need a bigger tank, but I'd like to keep a couple.

These are my first grandkids, any advice? I'm mega excited, I think them breeding means I'm doing a good job of keeping them happy?


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