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Nautilus Receives New World Cichlids

Cichlidés des lacs et rivières africaines.
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Nautilus Receives New World Cichlids

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While South American availability has been spotty and Asian shipments have gotten delayed, Nautilus Tropical Fish Wholesale Sales Manager Joe Hiduke says it’s been a great week for incoming cichlids, including a few different New World cichlids.
“My favorites are the fox cichlids, which you’ve probably never heard of because my totally made-up common name hasn’t caught on yet,” Hiduke said in an email. “I have [approximately] 3-inch grammodes cichlids, which are kind of mediocre mediums size-wise but with way more color than I’ve usually seen at this size. Very pretty, with rows of red spots and blue in the face. I’m pushing fox cichlid for the name because they’re so frequently described as being like little wolf cichlids (dovii). In other words, they hate each other and they hate everything else. Got a couple Gymnos in stock this week as well, and some of the best looking carpintis I’ve seen (a bit pricey but they’re worth it).”
For the new African fish, Nautilus rounded up some medium-sized mbunas which have gotten pretty hard to come by.signifier rainbows
“I have some medium mbambas, Likoma elongatus, Lion’s Cove afras and Mbweca green afras. Also have some great sized Vics in stock, which usually mix pretty well with similar sized mbunas,” Hiduke said. “I have 3- to 4-inch ‘medium’ males (closer to large for Vics but on the list as mediums) tomato haps, ruby greens, Kyoga flamebacks and albino Kyogas. Got in a few big blue dolphin moori, all males with great color. Also have some smaller moori that are already showing color. Best of my new peacocks are my lemon jakes. Color in the fins is fantastic, very pretty fish.”
In addition, Hiduke said he received plecos, big albino pacus and signifer rainbows, which have “fantastic color” and are big for signifers. Blushing tiger barbs are also back in stock. And with spring here, Hiduke points out that so is pond season and that now is the time to stock up on koi.

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