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Inventory for Products with Limited Shelf Life

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Inventory for Products with Limited Shelf Life

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In your system, would it be possible to enter new purchases with batch no., expiry date and quantity, in chronological order, under that coded item, as separate or sub entries, and kept as such until used?
In other words, under one item you would have all purchases with particulars, sub-totals and in date order.

When invoices are typed, the oldest purchases are subtracted from inventory first, batch by batch, and the batch no. and expiry date is included on that invoice against that item. When that batch is complete, inventory takes the next oldest batch.

I can see a lot of future benefit in this sort of system.
Is it possible?

Please help.


I did not find the right solution from the Internet.

References:https://forum.manager.io/t/inventory-fo ... -life/5053

whiteboard explainer videos


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