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Raising pH naturally

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Raising pH naturally

Message non lu par joeclark » 02 sept. 2017, 07:23

So, I've been having some pH problems. It barely registers 6.0, if I'm lucky, using the API Freshwater Master test kit. I'm doing PWC every several days (3-4), though the fish have stopped eating, so I've stopped feeding them since the food sits and just makes everything worse. I've lost a few. (I have glofish and corys in the tank).

So, I tested the source of my water (filtered tap water), and it turns out that it's low-same as my tank. But, unfiltered is 8.0-8.2, with the other parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate) at perfect levels. I treat with AmQuel+ and stress coat.

I did about a 35-40% water change with the unfiltered water this morning, hoping it would bring the pH up a bit, but it hasn't. I'd like to try and bring the pH up naturally, and have read about using crushed corals to do so. What I can't find is if I'm supposed to use live coral or dead.

Has anyone tried the coral technique in a freshwater tank, and if so, did you use live or dead coral and how did it go?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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