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Fishless cycle strikes again!

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Fishless cycle strikes again!

Message non lu par joeclark » 04 sept. 2017, 07:49

Okay, so I do an 80% water change. There is this white slime covering everything - I have no idea what it is. I do not recall it being in my first tank after the cycle but it was cycled with fish. I wiped it off the sides of the tank, off the heater, the thermometer, etc. As I am doing the water change I am trying desperately to get as much of this gooey looking stuff as possible. I notice that it is all over the silk plants and gravel. I see it is still on some surfaces I missed. Does anybody have any idea what this is? Is it safe to start rinsing off the silk plants and ornaments? I know they are covered with the good bugs, maybe was one or two items per week? I think once I start vacumning it will come off of the gravel and stones.

I let the tank settle overnight because the white stuff I couldn't get with the vacumn is now circulating in the water. Yesterday my Father wound up in the hospital so nothing was done. Today I go to turn the light on to see how the water looks and the light flickers then blows! Great - I know I don't have any back-ups here. I remove the bulb and it is all corroded - How can that happen? I have NEVER seen that happen in an aquarium light. I got a automatic toothbrush that I was about to put into cleaning usage and cleaned out the receptacle as good as I could - I am really worried that some bits of the corrosion could have gotten into the tank when I was moving the aquarium hood. Do you think this is possible?

And now, on top of everything, the ammonia is still showing as .25. How is that possible if I changed 80% of the water? I have already checked my tap water and it reads no ammonia after being treated. I tried to read about the "false positive" issue that was brought up but I don't understand it - Can someone explain it to me in a way I'd understand it? I do not want to put my Betta in the tank until the ammonia shows 0. BTW, still no NitrItes and NitrAtes went down to about 5ish after the water change.

Does anybody think some of the corrosive material could have gotten in the tank? Would the filter have taken care of it if so?

I am so sorry that I have so many questions - this cycle is going to drive me crazy!

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

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