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What's going on in my fish room

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What's going on in my fish room

Message non lu par joeclark » 05 sept. 2017, 03:11

I'm most excited about, of all things, my Pearl Gourami fry. They have finally gotten big enough to eat BBS. I know that they're next to worthless but I'm quite enamored of them and the excess fry make good live food for the other fish.

Next most exciting are my wigglers from my Blue Marble X Blue Clown Angel pair. I had to pull their last spawn because the parents were egg eaters. The spawn I pulled are at the age that they look like generic fry, not Angel fry. The pair ate most of their eggs this time but the ones they left are trying their best to free swim. The parents insist on catching them and blowing them back on the cone.

Then I have a large batch of Half Black X Blue silver babies and another spawn from them that are juvies. My goal is to make Blue Half Blacks but this project will take time and luck.

I have some Discus fry, White Spotted Pigeon from Asia X White Pigoen from Germany growing out.

My last fun thing is the Bristlenose I got from my fish friend, Jon. Some are in the tank with the Pearl Gourami babies, some are in with the Discus grow outs, and the smallest are in with the smallest Angel fry. They sure do love their zucchini!

What's up with your fish?

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