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Stocking a 29 Gallon tank

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Stocking a 29 Gallon tank

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I've had this 29 gallon tank for a while now, and a while ago I had a lot of fish die and haven't restocked it since then. The Ph is currently at 8.2, I've found it extremely difficult to keep it any lower than that.
I currently only have 5 Black skirted tetras in the tank and was thinking of putting in 6 corys, not sure what kind yet, that will probably depend on what kind they have at the pet store, 6 mollys of various colors, and a few snails.
What I wanted to know is, what kind and how many snails do you think I should get, what other fish would you recommend if there is room left for anything else, and do you think that that's too many fish already anyway, and how many fish should I add at a time?


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